Settings Manager - user manual

Settings Manager - user manual

8. Reset iStripper

Settings Manager allows you to quickly restore iStripper settings to the original state that occurred just after installation. In the process of resetting, all settings will be restored except the settings of active scenes and music tracks as well as paths to the data and models directories.

WARNING: After resetting the iStripper settings, the existing settings can not be restored. Therefore, consider exporting your current settings.

To reset the iStripper settings, select the fourth option in the main menu:

[4] Reset iStripper

Press [4] on the keyboard and confirm with [Enter]. You will see the message as in the picture below:

Confirm by selecting [Y] (Yes) or cancel by selecting [N] (No), then press [Enter] key.

If you have selected [Y] (Yes), Settings Manager will restore the iStripper settings to the factory settings. After the process is completed, the message shown in the figure below will be displayed. Choosing [N] (No) takes you to the main menu.

Return to the main menu by pressing the [B] (Back) key or close Settings Manager by pressing the [Q] (Quit) key. Confirm the selection with the [Enter] key.

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