Remover - user manual

Remover - user manual

1. About Remover

Remover is a script that helps you manage the disk space occupied by iStripper files.

With the increase of content resolution and the increasing number of cards in your collection, the free disk space shrinks. Over time, the size of files in your collection may increase to several dozen, several hundred, or even several thousand gigabytes (terabytes). It is possible that many of these files are useless for you and take up space unnecessarily. Maybe you don't need a huge number of previews of shows you will never buy? Maybe you have a lot of clips in your collection or even entire shows that you'll never watch? Perhaps you would like to get rid of these files to free up space on your hard drive? The iStripper program, although it has several built-in functions that allow you to delete unnecessary files, is not able to perform all the actions. Remover may be helpful in such situations.

Remover allows you to easily get rid of the whole set of unnecessary files. Choose the option you want from the menu and confirm your choice, and the script will do the rest for you.

Remover works on Windows systems. It has been tested with Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit), but should also work on Windows XP and newer versions of Windows. The operation of the Remover script is independent of the iStripper version.

2. Installation and interface (GUI)

The script does not require installation. Just extract the contents of the archive to any directory and run remover.bat by double-clicking on it. After launching the script, a window will appear as in the figure below:

The script is a batch file, so its appearance is so modest. Navigating the menu consists of selecting the appropriate keys on the keyboard and confirming the selection with the [Enter] key. Each action has a separate key assigned. In the field Your choice, the currently selected key is displayed.

The following options are available in the main menu:

  • Remove previews of non purchased cards - removes all demo files (previews) of not purchased shows.
  • Remove regular demo files - removes all regular (standard) demo files.
  • Remove regular and interactive demo files - removes all regular and interactive demo files.
  • Remove inactive clips - removes all deactivated clips.
  • Remove inactive cards - removes all deactivated cards.
  • Remove deleted cards - removes all files left after deleting cards from the iStripper GUI level.
  • Remove intermediate files - removes all intermediate files.
  • Help - displays a short help about the Remover script.
  • About - displays short information about the script and its author.
  • Quit - closes the Remover script.

In most cases, the user can go back one step in the process of removing files. Then, an additional option [B] (Back) appears in the menu.

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