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Brazilian translation

This translation was created by Rock_[BR]. Translation has been tested with iStripper 1.2.240, but should work on older versions of iStripper. The package contains installation instructions and a list of changes.

What has been translated:

  • main menu and all submenus,
  • most important UI elements.

What has not been translated:

Some phrases have not been translated. Here are the cases where the translation could not be performed or where it was unnecessary:

  • model names,
  • show titles,
  • dynamically loaded content from the server (Forum, user manual, FAQ, user profile),
  • graphic content that is a jpg or png image,
  • content displayed during software uninstallation,
  • license content.


Brazilian translation is available here:

Download translation Tested with iStripper 1.2.240   |   This file has been downloaded 962 times.

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Version: 1.6 (2019.10.26)

This translation is not an official product. Translation files are not part of iStripper. Totem Entertainment is not responsible for translation errors or misuse of translation files.