iStripper - polish language

Polish translation

This translation has been created for polish users of iStripper. Translation has been tested with iStripper 1.2.182, but should work on older versions of iStripper.

NOTE: Starting from version 1.2.190, iStripper has the Polish language included as standard. If you're using version 1.2.190 (or newer) of iStripper, there is no need to install this file. However, if for some reason you are still using the older version, you may consider installing it.

What has been translated:

  • main menu and all submenus,
  • most important UI elements,
  • hints and messages displayed in balloons (tooltips).

What has not been translated:

Some phrases have not been translated. Here are the cases where the translation could not be performed or where it was unnecessary:

  • model names,
  • show titles,
  • phrases and words occurring in common usage in Polish (borrowings),
  • dynamically loaded content from the server (Forum, user manual, FAQ, user profile),
  • graphic content that is a jpg or png image,
  • content displayed during software uninstallation,
  • license content (seriously, someone reads this?).


Polish translation is available here:

Download translation Tested with iStripper 1.2.182 on Windows 7 64-bit   |   This file has been downloaded 1048 times.

Version: 1.1 (2017.12.03)

This translation is not an official product. Translation files are not part of iStripper. Totem Entertainment is not responsible for translation errors or misuse of translation files.

If you found a translation error or would like to suggest another translation, please contact me: