• Eva Elfie - NieR Dildomata - Unlock her!
  • Kaisa Nord - Warm North Side - Check it out!
  • Liya Silver, Jia Lissa - Practical Works - Check it out!
  • Gia Ren - Miss Red Hood - Check it out!
  • Jia Lissa - Stop in for a spell
  • Estonika - Gotham Sexy - Get her now!
  • Discover Bad Barbie on iStripper
  • Kay J - Victorian Secret - Check it out!
  • Discover Li Moon - Div.Ass
  • Stacy Cruz - Killing Angel - Erotic Parody - Get her now!
  • Angelika Grays - Hollyboobs - Get her now!
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iStripper Workshop

iStripper Workshop

Here you can find few interesting things related to iStripper. If you don't know what it is, you should catch up ASAP (click here to get more info). All stuff available here has been made by me - one of many fans. If you like what you see here, give me a thumb.

Oh, wait... there are no any thumbs here... Doesn't matter, just have fun and share it with others ;).

What's new?

Added: 2020-05-11
Last update:

A new "Girls" tab has appeared in the main menu. Although the tab has been there for some time, now it has been officially launched in its final form.

Added: 2020-04-20
Last update:

In "Creations / Skins" section you will find one new skin featuring Belka in tight leather shorts (from her upcoming show). This time you can choose among three different resolutions: 1920x1080, 1600x900 and 1280x800 px.

Added: 2020-03-03
Last update:
Author: LukaszR

isDatabase is a database containing basic information about iStripper models and cards available in the iStripper store. The database has been created for people who need the most important information about cards and models gathered in one place. The database is available in three popular formats: XML, JSON and CSV. isDatabase is updated daily!

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