How to display several full size models on one screen?

How to display several full size models on one screen?
(for Windows users)

iStripper can operate in two modes: desktop mode and as a screen saver. The first of these is the mode in which models are displayed on your computer's desktop while you perform standard activities such as work, entertainment, surfing the Internet, etc. The second mode, the screen saver, can be activated after some time of inactivity. All windows and the desktop are hidden, and the so-called "stage" is displayed. This article is focused on the first of these modes - the desktop mode.

When working in desktop mode, the user has the choice:

  • display models in full size (60% -200% of the size of the monitor) or
  • display models in small size (10% -60% of the size of the monitor).

Each of these options has some limitations. When displaying a model in full size, only one show can be played. You can't view two models in full size. You can't change the position of the clip by dragging and dropping the model. Displaying models in small size, however, allows you to play one to ten shows at once, but here the limit is the size of the clips. You can't set their scale above 60% of the size of your monitor.

Imagine now what your desktop would look like if not one, but at least two models danced at the same time, both in full size? Maybe you have several monitors plugged to your PC and you want to have a full sized girl dancing on each of them at the same time? Unfortunately, iStripper does not provide this option. Fortunately, third-party applications come to the rescue. Although they have not been created for this purpose, they can be successfully used here.

This article describes three methods to display several full-size girls on one or more monitors at the same time. Each method uses different software. The article is divided into three sections, each of them focused on separate method. Each method accurately describes how to download and install the program and tells you how to use it. Each method has been tested and works. The tests were performed using the following software:

  • Windows 7 operating system (64-bit)
  • iStripper 1.2.190
  • Sandboxie 5.24 (64-bit)
  • Process Explorer 16.21 (64-bit)
  • Cheat Engine 6.7

NOTE: Remember that if you decide to use any method you take full responsibility for the activities performed. For any errors or irregularities related to the operation of any of the programs, as well as the Windows system, the responsibility lies with you. Neither the author of this article nor Totem Entertainment are responsible for the effects of your actions.

Choose one of the available methods now or read each one and choose the one that suits you best:

1. A new process in the sandbox - method using Sandboxie,
2. Duplicating processes - method using Process Explorer,
3. Editing RAM content - method using Cheat Engine.

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