What cookies are

Cookies are small text files exchanged between a website and the user's browser. Cookies are saved on the user's end device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone). Cookies can store session data, information about users, their preferences, website settings, etc.

Cookies on the isWorkshop website

isWorkshop uses cookies for one purpose only - to store website settings. Thanks to the use of cookies, the user does not have to enter preferred settings every time he visits the website. This makes it easier to use the website.

No other information, such as personal data or information on user behavior, is collected. isWorkshop does not analyze user traffic and does not collect any statistical data.

Information saved in cookies

isWorkshop uses cookies to remember:

  • selected language,
  • settings regarding the displayed ads,
  • Showroom application settings,
  • information regarding consent to the use of cookies.

The scope of information saved in cookies may change in the future. Users will be notified of any change via this document.

Accepting cookies

By using the isWorkshop website, you agree to the use of cookies. Information about this fact is displayed in the message at the bottom of the browser window. The message about cookies is visible only if it has not yet been confirmed with the "OK" button.

Canceling consent to the use of cookies

To cancel your consent to the use of cookies, you must change your browser settings. Changing the settings varies depending on the browser used. Below are links to instructions for popular browsers: