How to display several full size models on one screen? - A new process in the sandbox

How to display several full size models on one screen? - A new process in the sandbox

2. A new process in the sandbox - method using Sandboxie

The method consists in running the iStripper program in two separate processes (two separate instances). Normally, this is not possible because only one iStripper instance can work in the system. An attempt to run another "copy" of the program usually ends with the recall of the window of the first copy that was launched.

To be able to run another copy of iStripper, we will use the free version of Sandboxie. After its installation it will be possible to create the so-called "sandbox". The sandbox is a controlled environment in which the second copy of iStripper will be launched. Each application running in such environment (including iStripper) will not see other programs that work in the system in a normal way. The free Sandboxie version allows you to create only one sandbox, but it should be enough in many cases.

2.1. Downloading Sandboxie

To download Sandboxie open any web browser and go to:

Download the installation program by clicking on the image with the word "Sandboxie", marked on the following printscreen.

Save the installer (SandboxieInstall.exe file) anywhere on your hard drive.

2.2. Installation of the Sandboxie

To install Sandboxie, open the folder where you downloaded the installer and double-click on the SandboxieInstall.exe file. In the first step select your preferred language. Select it from the list of available languages and click OK.

Confirm the license terms by clicking the I Agree button.

Select the path to the folder in which Sandboxie will be installed. The default path is:

C:\Program Files\Sandboxie

Leave it unchanged and click the Install button.

Wait for the installation to finish, then click Next.

In the next step, Sandboxie will install system drivers. Their installation is essential. Without these drivers Sandboxie will not work. Click the Next button.

The installation of system drivers was the last step in the installation process. Exit the installer by clicking the Finish button.

Sandboxie will start immediately after installation. At the first launch, the program will want to use the configuration files for some programs found on your system. He will ask for permission for their use. This is not necessary for our purposes, so at this point you can close the window by clicking X in the upper right corner of the window.

A short tutorial will be displayed for those who are just starting their adventure with Sandboxie. It is advisable to read the hints in it. After the tutorial, click Done or Close.

Sandboxie is already running. The program window looks like in the picture below:

At the moment you can close it. We will not make any configurations in it, because the default program settings are enough for what we want to achieve. Closing the window with the X button in the upper right corner will minimize the window to the system bar, about which the program will inform you by displaying a message.

The main program window will disappear, but the program will still run in the background, which will be represented by the yellow icon in the system tray, as shown below:

Sandboxie is ready. Now we can launch iStripper in the sandbox.

2.3. Using Sandboxie

Sandboxie works in the background, which is indicated by the yellow icon in the system tray. You can already run iStripper in the sandbox. The first way: click on the yellow Sandboxie icon with the right mouse button and select:

DeafultBox > Run From Start Menu

You will see a list of programs installed on your computer. In the available list look for:

Programs > iStripper > iStripper

and click it to start the iStripper program in the sandbox. After a while, the second copy of iStripper opens. You should notice an additional iStripper icon in the system tray.

Second way: locate a shortcut to iStripper (for example, in the Start menu, or a shortcut on the desktop, if any has been created), right-click on it and select Run Sandboxed. A window will appear in which you will be able to select a sandbox.

Select the default sandbox (DefaultBox) and click OK. After a while, the second copy of iStripper will be launched.

There is a possibility to run more sandboxes, and thus more instances (copies) of the iStripper program, but to do this you need to purchase a license for the Sandboxie program. The free version of Sandboxie allows you to create only one sandbox.

2.4. Using iStripper

Now that you have two copies of iStripper running (one in normal mode and one in the sandbox), you can control each one separately. Activate both copies of iStripper and play with the settings in each of the two iStripper interfaces (GUI). You can set different options in each copy of the program. After closing the iStripper program, the settings of each copy will be saved.

If you have two monitors, to display one model on each monitor: click on the chosen model to switch her to small size, drag her and drop on the selected monitor, click her again to switch to full size.

2.5. Pros

  • you can display up to twenty models simultaneously in full size (ATTENTION: this setting can significantly slow down your computer!),
  • you can display two models in the full size,
  • if you have two screens, you can display one model in full size on each screen,
  • for each model displayed in full size, you can use separate settings (eg a different scale for each girl),
  • settings for each copy of the program will be saved and retained even after all copies of iStripper have been closed.

2.6. Cons

  • you can't change the position of the clips with drag'n'drop option.

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