Original cards - backup

Original cards - backup

2017 and older

Backup made in case of damage or loss of the original files. This set contains files for the following collections:

  • iStripper (e series)
  • iStripper XXX (f series)
  • iStripper Classic, formerly VirtuaGirl HD (a series)
  • iStripper XXX Classic, formerly DeskBabes (c series)
  • VirtuaGirl Classic, formerly VirtuaGirl 2 (d series)
  • VirtuaGuy HD (b series)

This set contains a copy of original files for shows released before 2018. Inside the archive you will find a short manual and installer (for Windows users).

Due to very large size, the file was placed on Google Drive server. Click the button below to go to the download page (the page will be displayed in a new tab). Filesize: 2,34 GB

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