iStripper - Custom replacement cards

Custom cards - 2018 calendar's style

Custom replacement cards inspired by the style used in the calendar for 2018. Calendar is available here. This set contains cards for the following collections:

  • iStripper (e series)
  • iStripper XXX (f series)
  • iStripper Classic, formerly VirtuaGirl HD (a series)
  • iStripper XXX Classic, formerly DeskBabes (c series)
  • VirtuaGuy HD (b series)

This set does not contain replacement cards for the VirtuaGirl Classic collection (d series). The set contains replacement cards for iStripper and iStripper XXX shows released before 2018.

Due to the large size, the file was placed on Google Drive server. Click the button below to go to the download page (the page will be displayed in a new tab). Installation instructions are available here. Filesize: 114 MB

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Custom replacement cards for removed shows have been added. If you already have a previous version of the package, you don't have to download it again. You can download only the missing cards by clicking here.


An automatic card installer has been added. If you are a Windows user, you don't have to manually copy and paste all files. Use the installer included in the package (install.bat file). The package also contains the installation instructions (file Readme_EN.pdf).


Two missing cards have been added for the iStripper XXX Classic (DeskBabes) collection: c0187 and c0214.