How to display several full size models on one screen? - Duplicating processes

How to display several full size models on one screen? - Duplicating processes

3. Duplicating processes - method using Process Explorer

The method consists in running the iStripper program in many separate processes (separate instances). Normally, this is not possible because only one iStripper instance can work in the system. An attempt to run another "copy" of the program usually ends with the recall of the window of the first copy that was launched.

This method is somewhat similar to the first method (using the sandbox), however, the method described here allows you to run any number of iStripper processes (more than two).

To run multiple copies of iStripper, we will use a free tool called Process Explorer. The tool is available for download from Microsoft websites. It allows, among other things, to control the running processes and monitor the resources they use.

3.1. Downloading Process Explorer

To download Process Explorer open any web browser and go to:

Download the program by clicking the "Download Process Explorer" link, marked on the printscreen.

Save the file anywhere on your hard drive.

3.2. Installation of the Process Explorer

Open the folder where you downloaded and extract the contents of the archive to any folder. Process Explorer does not really require installation. Just run it.

3.3. Using Process Explorer

If iStripper is closed, start it now. If you are using a 64-bit system, select 64-bit version of the Process Explorer (procexp64.exe), otherwise select the 32-bit version (procexp.exe).

At the first launch you will be asked to accept the license terms. Click Agree.

You will see the main application window. It displays a list of all processes running on your computer. In the process list, find the process named vghd.exe and select it.

Leaving the process selected, display the bottom panel and the list of all handles. To do this, you can use the shortcut Ctrl+H or select in the main menu:

View > Lower Pane View > Handles

The bottom panel is divided into two columns: Type and Name. Scroll the panel until you see the Mutant type in the Type column:

Select the handle with the following name:


Right-click on it and close the handle by selecting Close Handle.

A window will appear asking if you really want to do this. Confirm by clicking the Yes (Tak) button.

Follow the same step with the next handle:

\Sessions\1\BaseNamedObjects\QtLockedFile mutex c:/some_path/qtsingleapp-vghd-eafe-1-lockfile

Select it, right-click, close the handle with the Close Handle command and confirm. Now try to run the second instance (copy) of the iStripper program. You will notice that after closing the two handles you can launch another copy of iStripper (note the second iStripper icon in the system tray). Alright, that's it.

Let's try to run the third copy of iStripper now. To do this, you must first close the same two handles for the last opened vghd.exe process. Locate the last running vghd.exe process in the list of processes. At this moment two processes with the same name appear in the list. If you are not sure which one was opened last, you can check the start time of each of the vghd.exe processes. To do this, right-click on each of the processes and select Properties...

The process start time is marked on the picture:

Close the properties window and close the same two handles that you closed for the previous vghd.exe process, in other words: in the bottom panel find the Mutant types, find the two following handles:

\Sessions\1\BaseNamedObjects\QtLockedFile mutex c:/some_path/qtsingleapp-vghd-eafe-1-lockfile

right-click on each of them, choose Close Handle and confirm. Done. You can now start the third instance (copy) of iStripper. What if you want to run a fourth copy? Go ahead. Again, just close the same two handles for the last opened vghd.exe process.

NOTE: be carefull with the number of copies being run. Too many running iStrippers can cause your computer to slow down significantly.

3.4. Using iStripper

Each additional duplicate of the vghd.exe process allows you to display an additional one model in full size or even ten models in small size. Thanks to a separate interface (GUI) you can control each of them separately. Activate all copies of iStripper and play with the settings in each GUI. You can set different options in each copy of the program. After closing all copies of the iStripper program, only the last selected settings are saved.

If you have two monitors, to display one model on each monitor: click on the chosen model to switch her to small size, drag her and drop on the selected monitor, click her again to switch to full size.

3.5. Pros

  • you can display an additional ten models in small size for each running copy of iStripper (NOTE: this setting can slow down your computer considerably!),
  • you can display as many models in full size as iStripper copies are enabled,
  • if you have two or more monitors, you can display one model in full size on each of them,
  • for each model displayed in full size, you can use separate settings (eg different scale for each girl).

3.6. Cons

  • you can't change the position of the clips with drag'n'drop option,
  • you can't save separate settings for each copy of iStripper.

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