Bonus Downloader - user manual

Bonus Downloader - user manual

6. Troubleshooting and known bugs

6.1. Cannot launch the script

Problem: Unable to launch the script. The console window displays the message "'batbox' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file".

Solution: Some components of the Bonus Downloader script may be treated by antivirus programs as a threat. These are false positives. Antivirus programs moves them to quarantine and these components become inaccessible. The above message appears in the console window. To avoid these type of errors: disable antivirus protection, extract the script, go to the settings of your antivirus program and add the following components to the exceptions: batbox.exe, cursorSize.exe, getInput.exe. Enable protection in your antivirus program.

6.2. Buttons in the script are not clickable

Problem: The script starts, but user can't click any button. Instead, the text in console window is selected. The keyboard keys works correctly.

Solution: Disable the Quick Edit Mode in the console window properties. The method of disabling this option is described here.

6.3. Download process is started, but no files are saved

Problem: After starting the download, subsequent files are processed, but no files are saved on the hard disk.

Solution: Check if the target paths have diacritics or special characters. If so, choose other target paths or change the names of current directories by removing diacritics and special characters. More about diacritics and special characters here.

6.4. The download takes a very long time

Problem: The download takes many hours, but the progress bar moves.

Solution: This is normal script behavior. It depends on the connection speed, the number of selected collections, the number of files to be downloaded and the selected video quality.

Problem: The download takes many hours, and both progress bars do not move for a long time.

Solution: Close the script and run it again. Select the Continue previous session option to resume downloading. The problem is very rare.

6.5. Pausing downloads does not work

Problem: Once the download process has started, it can't be paused. Pausing with the P key does not work.

Solution: This error occurs in Windows XP. If you need to pause the download, use the Pause key or the Ctrl+S key combination. The script will be paused. To resume the paused download, press any key.

6.6. Closing the script and console window after the download has finished does not work

Problem: The script does not close after the download process is complete when the Close application option is selected in settings.

Solution: This error occurs in Windows 10. Close the script manually by pressing the X button in the upper right corner of the window.

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