Bonus Downloader and Preview Downloader - new versions

Added: 2022-10-27
Last update:

Due to recent changes on the iStripper server, the Preview Downloader (script for downloading free previews) and Bonus Downloader (script for downloading bonus photos and videos) have stopped working. Over the past two weeks, users of these two tools may have noticed that no files are being downloaded. This issue has been fixed in the latest versions of both tools. Therefore, I encourage you to download new versions from the following sections:

Bonus Downloader - Tools / Bonus Downloader
Preview Downloader - Tools / Preview Downloader

In addition to fixing the above-mentioned problem, there were some additional significant changes to the Preview Downloader script:

  • added support for ID ranges - the script always allowed to define your own list of identifiers of cards whose free previews were to be downloaded. In the latest version of the script, creating a list of identifiers is even easier thanks to the possibility of defining ranges. If you want to define multiple identifiers, you no longer need to specify each of them separately. Just use the range. More on this in the manual included with the package.
  • added support for playlists (.vpl files) - if you have a playlist and you want to download free previews of the shows on it, you can use your playlist as a source of identifiers. You don't need to create a separate text file with the identifiers. More on this in the manual included with the package.
  • installer removed - the existing installer was not very intuitive and not very attractive, so it has been removed. Now the script installation is as easy as extracting the contents of the ZIP package to the selected directory.

If you have used Preview Downloader or Bonus Downloader before and would like to install the new version to the same directory, it is recommended to remove the older version of the script first. In particular, this applies to the Preview Downloader tool, in which the directory structure has been completely changed and the automatic installer has been removed.

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