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iStripper - Showroom

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Note: There are no video files here, unless you're registered member of iStripper. What you can see here are just a screencaps of bonus videos available for particular girl. To download those videos go to
Version history

v0.5.10 (2022.03.20)

  • update: added two new subsets under the "Misc" list: "Advent Calendar 2020" and "Advent Calendar 2021"
  • minor fixes and changes.

v0.5.9 (2020.01.13)

  • update: the subset of Special Event cards in the "Misc" drop-down list now displays only those cards that have been officialy released.
  • update: the label "Exclusive cards" in the "Misc" drop-down list has been changed to "Special Event Cards".
  • update: the label for cards that have been removed from the store has been changed - was "Deleted", now it is "Removed".
  • update: the auto-search function is called only when the search string has a minimum of 3 characters. You can still search for shorter phrases by typing the phrase and pressing the Enter key, but searching for shorter phrases can slow down or even suspend your web browser.

v0.5.8 (2019.11.11)

  • new: show info for the "d" serie has been added to the extra panel.
  • update: model stats are displayed in imperial units for US and in metric units for the rest of the world.
  • update: "Preview Push" discounts in "Pricing" tab has been replaced with "Flash Sale" discounts.
  • update: list of clips is now available only for released cards.
  • fix: missing "New" and "Soon" labels are now displayd properly.
  • minor fixes and changes.

v0.5.7 (2019.09.29)

  • new: new subset of cards in the "Misc" drop-down list: "Exclusive cards".
  • fix: cards deleted from the store are marked properly as "Deleted".
  • minor fixes and changes.

v0.5.6 (2018.12.09)

  • new: search cards of a given model by clicking her name.
  • new: new subset of cards in the "Misc" drop-down list: "Advent Calendar 2018".

v0.5.5 (2018.09.27)

  • new: new subsets of cards in the "Misc" drop-down list:
  • - "Newest cards" - cards released 3 weeks ago or later,
  • - "Coming very soon" - cards that you can expect in the nearest future.
  • minor fixes and changes.

v0.5.4 (2017.10.29)

  • new: clip details in extra panel. Thanks to pumpdude48 for providing all necessary data. INFO: these informations are available only for cards released before 26-10-2017 and will be not updated automatically.
  • minor fixes and changes.

v0.5.3 (2017.10.21)

  • new: pricing in extra panel.
  • new: additional dropdown list in main menu. Easy way to select special subsets of cards (special TGIF offers, deleted cards, mysterious cards).
  • new: bonus images can be opened in new window/tab instead of downloading them to HDD.
  • minor fixes and changes.

v0.5.2 (2017.09.23)

  • new: additional dark theme. Switch themes by clicking on little bulb in footer.
  • new: added new label "Deleted" for cards deleted from VirtuaGirl HD collection.
  • new: type "!deleted" (without quotes) in search bar to see all deleted cards.
  • new: type "!secrets" (without quotes) in search bar to see cards out of range.
  • fix: bonus galleries and videos were not displayed in some cases. Fixed.
  • fix: card range wasn't updated after hitting "GO" button on mobile devices. Fixed.
  • fix: "jumpy" custom scrollbar in Internet Explorer 11. Fixed.
  • minor fixes and changes.

v0.5.1 (2017.09.15)

  • new: added new label "Talent of the Month" for current month and past months.
  • update: labels "Soon" are now displayed faster.
  • fix: some informations (release dates, show details) weren't refreshed correctly. Fixed.
  • fix: card labels "New" and "Soon" in Extra Panel weren't correctly displayed in some cases. Fixed.

v0.5 (2017.09.15)

  • new: added info about card rate to info panel (below show title) and to extra panel.
  • new: added new content: unlock images. It is available under the "Content" list.
  • new: bonus gallery in extra panel.
  • new: bonus videos in extra panel.
  • new: user comments in extra panel.
  • new: other cards in extra panel.
  • new: tags in extra panel.
  • new: extra panel now works with VirtuaGirl 2 collection.
  • new: additional sort options: sort by card rate.
  • new: added info about version history. Link is available at the bottom of the page (footer), but you should already know that.
  • update: changed behaviour of download button (grey down arrow). Clicking on it will download zip file with promotional content (nude gallery). Download button is available only when there is something to download. If there is no file to download, there will be no download button.
  • update: release dates are available for all collections (VirtuaGuy and VirtuaGirl 2 as well). Thanks to spiderman1804 for info about where to get those data. I didn't use your source, but thanks anyway ;).
  • update: all models data and cards data are taken from iStripper database instead of local xml files (not directly), so from now on everything in Showroom will be updated instantly.
  • update: new icons.
  • fix: mp4 videos now are loading properly.
  • minor fixes and changes.

v0.4 (2017.07.19)

  • new: completely rewritten engine (again). Now it's fully dynamic, without the need for reload. There is simple preloader for data loading.
  • new: added search option.
  • new: added filters. It is possible to filter search results by collection.
  • new: added sort option. It is possible to sort search results by: card number, model name, release date.
  • new: added extra panel with additional info about models and shows. To open it use the square buttons below every image. Few keys are provided for easy navigation: Arrow left/right - previous/next model; Esc - close panel.
  • new: label "Soon" for upcoming cards.
  • new: label "New" for cards released at most week ago.
  • update: new content type for VirtuaGirl 2 collection: videos. It is available under the "Content" list.
  • update: settings window was removed. Last settings and ranges are automatically saved in cookies.
  • update: old jQuery replaced by the newest version (v3.2.1).

v0.3.1 (2017.06.26)

  • new: added release date to info panel (below show title).
  • update: links to galleries and other links related to affiliate program. Thanks to Wyldanimal for the hint.
  • update: data are taken not only from local XML file, but from iStripper server as well.

v0.3 (2017.06.23)

  • new: completely new 'engine' - it has been wrote from the beggining.
  • new: added new content: nude pictures, videos. They are available under the "Content" list.
  • new: now it is possible to remember and save range of cards for each collection.
  • new: links to girl profile page and show details.
  • new: new look for settings window.
  • new: main settings aren't hardcoded anymore. They were moved from php to xml file.
  • new: added htaccess to prevent direct access to folders.
  • update: new gallery page for all collections.
  • update: mouse scroll doesn't work properly on content selectors, especially when collection VG2 is selected. Mouse scroll for selectors are disabled for now.

v0.2.4 (2017.03.10)

  • update: added "time" function to card links for better image refreshing (with PHP).
  • update: cache control (from v0.2.2) and PHP's "date of modification" (from v0.2.3) were removed.

v0.2.3 (2017.03.03)

  • update: added "date of modification" to card url for better image refreshing (with PHP).

v0.2.2 (2017.02.24)

  • new: cache control - app should not save any cards in browser's cache.
  • update: option from v0.2.1 deleted - loading cards from different set (for collection "e" and "f") - didn't work properly.

v0.2.1 (2017.02.17)

  • update: loading cards from different set of images (for collection "e" and "f").

v0.2 (2016.11.02)

  • new: opening image in new tab.
  • new: saving form settings in cookie.
  • new: options window.
  • new: views counter in footer.
  • update: new gallery page for collections "e" and "f".

v0.1 (2016.10.09)

  • first version.

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