TGIF Viewer - update for Chrome users

Added: 2020-11-24
Last update:

Recently, Google Chrome users may have noticed that despite correct logging in to iStripper website using the TGIF Viewer app, they still saw error 401 (Access Denied). This was due to an update of the Chrome browser, which changed the way cookies from external websites are handled (iStripper is such a website for isWorkshop). Therefore, a new function has been introduced in the TGIF Viewer app. From now on, it is possible to display the offer in a new tab. As the page in the new tab is loaded directly from the iStripper server (and not via the frame), cookies will be handled correctly. To open an offer in a new tab, just click the small button next to the offer title.


There is also a second way to get around the problem for more advanced users. It requires changing one of the default settings in Chrome. Instructions can be found here.

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