Clips list and quick guide regarding clips

Added: 2021-06-03
Last update:

Clips list

There is a new update in the Girls tab. A list of clips has been added for almost every show available in the iStripper store. It is not only a simple list. The information includes a general summary (how many clips of a specific type are in the show), as well as slightly more detailed information about clip types and their properties.

To find information about the clips of specific show, go to the Girls tab, click the model of your choice and select any of her shows. The information is provided in tabular form in the "Clips Summary" and "Clips Details" sections.

Moreover, for people who are not familiar with clip types and their properties, a short guide has been prepared. It will explain what clips are, by what categories they are grouped and what the individual properties mean. The guide can be found in Articles tab, or by clicking directly on this link: Clips - quick guide.

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